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Who needs to do martial arts and why?

Today, various martial arts, such as iaido or jiu-jitsu, do not lose their relevance, despite the prevalence of various technical means for self-defense (stun guns, gas cartridges, gas and traumatic weapons and short-barreled firearms). This is primarily due to the fact that any weapon is ineffective in the hands of an unprepared person.

Japanese martial arts – (karate, jiu-jitsu, aikido) is a unique system of training the body, mind and spirit to act in extreme conditions. The Japanese were able to maintain and develop the warrior training system based not only on physical exercises and techniques, but also on Zen Buddhism psychophysical training, ninjutsu consciousness systems and merging with nature, characteristic to Shinto.

Consistency and efficiency

Any school of oriental martial arts is, first of all, a systematized for many centuries training program of the human body and psyche, including:

  • gymnastics for the development of flexibility, dexterity and strength;
  • breathing exercises for training the lungs and cardiovascular system;
  • meditative trainings for the development of self-control and the adequacy of actions in an extreme situation;
  • techniques and bundles characteristic of this system of art of combat.

Depending on personal qualities, age, physical fitness, in our dojo you can undergo training of jiu-jitsu, aiki-jutsu (aikido), iaijutsu (iaido), ken-jutsu, (kendo), kobudo and find your own way and style of martial art.

We are engaged in women and men, people of different ages and professions, united by the desire to comprehend budo. Classes are differentiated by level of training and qualifications.

Regular classes provide not only excellent physical form, but also the skill of controlling and analyzing the surrounding situation, quick decision-making, perseverance in achieving the goal, psycho-emotional self-control, and the ability to turn any circumstances to our advantage.

You can start your journey to perfection right now by signing up for a trial lesson at our martial arts school. To do this, simply use the on-line form, specifying your contacts and convenient time. We will call you back to agree on all the details. You will be able to verify for yourself all the advantages of our dojo, the high professionalism of the instructors, the conformity of the form and content of the classes.

Why choose martial arts club O-Ganseki Kan – iaijutsu / iaido / jiu-jitsu

  • engaged in iaijutsu iaido, jiu-jitsu, aikijutsu styles with a continuous 500-year history (Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu and Niden Ryu).
  • member of the Union of Antique Traditional Japanese Martial Arts (Nippon Kobudo Kiokay) and the International Martial Arts Union (IMAU).
  • convenient schedule of classes in small groups.
  • individual approach to each student.
  • certification, issue diplomas of the established sample (Japan).
  • Classes held in the premises of the modern sports base of Roskosmos (SOK “Zvezda”), equipped with a bright, spacious hall, neat changing rooms and showers. For your convenience, there is free and ample parking on site.

Martial arts classes will not only strengthen the spirit and willpower, but also teach you how to set priorities and achieve your goals. It’s time to go beyond the ordinary, extend your youth and improve your health! Welcome to the O-Ganseki Kan Martial Arts Center!




iaijutsu / iaido
Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu

iaido iaijutsu
iaido – kaishaku – Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu

iaijutsu / kobujutsu
Niden Ryu
仁 傳 流

iaido iaijutsu kenjutsu
kenjutsu – kasumi – Niden Ryu